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GC-TOF BenchTOF™- Evolve

Technologie:GC-TOF et GC-QTOF

SepSolve Analytical

BenchTOF-Evolve is perfect for any analyst wishing to realise the benefits of TOF MS without the need for extensive training or disruption to existing workflows.


The BenchTOF instruments that are offered by SepSolve all incorporate a highly efficient direct-extraction ion source, which boosts sensitivity to the level normally encountered in selected ion monitoring (SIM) mode on quadrupoles, while collecting full-range mass spectra that allow simultaneous analysis of trace-level targets and unknowns, and full ability for retrospective searching.

They also generate ‘reference-quality’ spectra free from mass discrimination, which allow direct comparison to spectra in commercial libraries such as NIST or Wiley.

  • Enjoy the advantages of TOF MS while retaining your existing GC–MS workflow and data-processing packages.
  • Cut down on analysis time by detecting trace-level targets and unknowns in a single run.
  • Maintain your confidence in chemical identification with reference-quality spectra.
  • Expand your laboratory’s capability by using sub-unit mass selectivity to improve detection of trace-level compounds in complex matrices.
  • Improve your productivity through the greatly reduced need for cleaning or maintenance of BenchTOF.
  • Get more out of your data with TargetView compound-identification software.
  • BenchTOF-Evolve instrument control software compatible with a number of leading GCs and autosamplers.
  • High-speed spectral acquisition ensuring compatibility with fast GC and GC×GC.
Notes d'application
Reliable speciation of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID with Tandem Ionisation

This study demonstrates the use of flow-modulated GC×GC to analyse a FAME standard and FAMEs from a butter extract, with simultaneous detection by TOF MS and FID for improved speciation.

Taille du fichier: 703 Ko
Flavour profiling of milk using high‑capacity sorptive extraction and TD–GC×GC–TOF MS/FID

This study demonstrates the high performance of PDMS sorptive extraction probes, coupled with thermal desorption pre‑concentration and INSIGHT™ flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID analysis, for the separation and identification of flavour compounds in milk.

Taille du fichier: 982 Ko
Comprehensive analysis of coffee bean extracts by GC×GC–TOF MS

This study shows that GC×GC with time-of-flight mass spectrometry provides a high-performance solution for screening complex coffee-bean extracts for key aroma compounds.

Taille du fichier: 1 014 Ko
Rapid aroma-profiling of cookies by dynamic headspace sampling and TD–GC–TOF MS

This study shows the value of dynamic headspace sampling and thermal desorption–GC–TOF MS analysis to rapidly profile volatile compounds released from flavoured cookies, and avoid the problems typically encountered when using solvent-extraction methods.

Taille du fichier: 618 Ko
Tackling the extended list of fragrance allergens by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS/FID

This preliminary study investigates the use of flow-modulated GC×GC to analyse an 84-component allergen calibration standard, with simultaneous detection by TOF MS for confident identification and FID for robust quantitation.

Taille du fichier: 2 Mo
Comprehensive analysis of tobacco smoke using TD–GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation

In this study, we use thermal desorption (TD) for collection and analysis of whole cigarette emissions, and couple it with flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS, to enable smoke constituents to be routinely and confidently sampled, separated and identified.

Taille du fichier: 582 Ko
Enhanced separation of hop oils by flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS

This study demonstrates the high performance of a flow-modulated GC×GC–MS system for the evaluation of complex hop oils, which allows effective modulation of even the most volatile components without the need for expensive liquid cryogen.

Taille du fichier: 696 Ko
Detailed characterisation of essential oils by flow-modulated GC×GC and Tandem Ionisation mass spectrometry

In this study, flow-modulated GC×GC–TOF MS with Tandem Ionisation is used to characterise essential oils in fine detail, allowing the indepth comparison of their compositions that aids rigorous quality control, particularly in the fragrance industry.

Taille du fichier: 642 Ko


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