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All-in-one Biodiesel

Applications: Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis, Gasoline Characterization, Gasoline, Crude, Petrochemical Analysis


Test Methods ASTM D6584, EN 14103, EN 14105, EN 14110, prEN 16300, EN 15779

In the last decade, there has been a worldwide growth in the interest for alternative fuels. Biodiesel Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs) offer an alternative to fossil diesel fuel. FAME can be blended with petroleum diesel (mostly B5, B7 and B20) or used as pure biodiesel (B100).

The AC Analytical Controls Biodiesel All in One analyzer quickly determines the quality of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) blending stock for diesel fuel, and yields results fast from a single dedicated system. The analyzer is completely tested and calibrated according to specified methods and includes multiple sets of calibration components, internal standards, and reagents.

The Biodiesel All in One analyzer covers all the current chromatographic tests listed for the specification methods in one system (see below).

BioDiesel All-in-One Solution Analysis Methods:

  • Methods: ASTM D6584, Analysis: Free & total glycerin, Inlet: On-column (TPI), Analysis Time: 35 minutes
  • Methods: EN 14103, Analysis: Ester and linolenic acid methyl ester content, Inlet: Split/splitless, Analysis Time: 25 minutes
  • Methods: prEN16300, Analysis:Iodine value, Inlet: Split/splitless, Analysis Time: 25 minutes,
  • Methods:EN 14105, Analysis: Free & total glycerol, mono-, di-, and triglyceride content, Inlet: On-column (TPI), Analysis Time: 35 minutes
  • Methods: EN 14110, Analysis: Methanol content, Inlet: Split/splitless, Analysis Time: 10 minutes

The AC Biodiesel All in One Analyzer uses a single Agilent 8890A Series GC with electronic pneumatics control (EPC), an AC proprietary TPI inlet, a Split/Splitless inlet, two capillary columns, one programmable external capillary column oven, and two Flame Ionization Detectors.

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