Technologie: Analyseurs AC par PAC


Refinery Gas Components. Determining individual components of each gas stream is a challenge.

Separates C1 through nC6, C6+ Hydrocarbons and Inert Gases

Applications: Applicated GC Gas Analysis, Refinery Gas Analysis


Refinery Gas Components

Test Methods ASTM D2163, ASTM D2504, ASTM D2505, ASTM D2598, ASTM D3588, EN ISO 7941, IP 405, ISO 7941, EN 15984, DIN 51666, ASTM D1946, UOP 539, GOST 31371

Refinery gas streams vary considerably in composition. Determining individual components of each gas stream is a challenge. An exact measure of stream components is essential in achieving optimum control and assuring product quality. PAC’s AC Analytical Controls offers the Hi-Speed Refinery Gas Analyzer, a high speed solution that determines and reports the composition of refinery gas streams in only five minutes.

NEW!! The AC HiSpeed Refinery Gas Analyzer is now available on the new Agilent 8890 GC Platform.

Intelligent capabilities built into the Agilent 8890 GC give you the freedom to work with your GC… not on it. These capabilities can also grow over time as your analytical needs change — so you can keep your lab moving toward a successful future.

The AC Hi-Speed RGA system characterizes:

  • C1 – nC6, C6+ hydrocarbons
  • Inert gases: nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • BTEX (benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene,Xylenes), using the RGA extended method with a total analysis time under thirty minutes
  • LPG and butane streams. Optionally, the system can also be configured for hydrocarbon trace analysis.
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